Fangirl or Unhealthy Obsession Case No. 18

When your love of a series has lead you to reading fan fiction because you just can’t wait for the new release,  and OH MY GOD when is it coming out?!?

It only takes you days (because who really needs to sleep?) to exhaust every single Wattpad story out there and have no choice but to start reading the true series over again only to find out you have a small problem.

You suddenly can’t remember what is canon and what is fiction.

A Reader’s Worse Nightmare Turned Reality #amreading NOT!

Know what’s worse than having your winter gear completely inaccessible in storage? Worse than when the “warm” state you moved to turned traitor and dropped into the low thirties with freezing ice?

It’s having every single book you own in storage. Inaccessible.




It’s been almost six months since I’ve gazed upon my preciouses. Stroked their spines. Smelled their booky goodness. Felt their wonderous silky pages underneath my fingertips. Read them.

Wah!!!! I want my books!!!



Best #Writer Moment

When your on the last chapter of your rough draft and you already blew past your daily quota but you just CAN’T STOP because for once the words are FLOWING and you’re so excited and energized and feel as if you could write FOREVER.

Yeah. This Moment.

. . .

(BTW, why do the words only flow when I’m nearing the end?! Where were you, Muse when I needed you in the beginning? And in the middle? And for all those bits in between? Out having a cocktail, huh? And you couldn’t even bother to share. Seriously. Sometimes I just want to trade you in for a better model.)