Yes! This Moment!

That moment when you’re in the midst of plotting your next book. Ideas are flying. Things are easily clicking into place just like the last few pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. You are so frickin’ excited to start writing. The characters are already talking to you. Scenes are coming at you at all times during the day and you rush to jot them down so you won’t forget. Gah! This book is going to rock. You just know it. And you can’t wait to start tweeting and posting that fabulous hashtag: #amwriting

Fangirl or Unhealthy Obsession Case No. 16

So I read a teaser of an upcoming, still-no-release-date novel. My. Life. Is. Hell. I check the author’s website daily – sometimes twice a day – waiting for that magical post that will tell me when I can read the entire novel. I’ve been in a constant state of anxiety-slash-excitement ever since. The teaser’s been in the back of my mind – okay, fine, the front of it – since I finished reading that last tantalizing line. There’s no need to re-read the five pages anymore. I can totally recite it by memory. I dream – sometimes when I’m not even asleep – of how the cliffhanging-teaser could end, knowing that whatever I come up with will in no way compare to the author’s words. Dammit! When is this book coming out?!?! I neeeeeeed it! Almost more than air. I wonder if she’s putting the release date on her Facebook page first . . . Shit! I gotta go.