Holiday Shopping Guide for Your Writer


Have a writer in your life? Check out this Christmas wish list.

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Shopping for a writer this holiday?

We’re not that hard to please, really.

I asked several of my writer friends what they most wanted for Christmas and then compiled their suggestions.


You will not go wrong shopping at an office supply/school supply/stationary shop. Among the most requested gifts were Notebooks, Journals, Pens, pencils, and post it notes. If in doubt, pick up a nice journal and a good pen. Score!

  • Pens and Pencils
  • Notebooks and Journals – if you want to really please your writer, go for a Moleskin journal, known as Hemingway’s favorite journals.
  • Sticky Pads in every shape, size, and color
  • Huge clamps to hold manuscripts
  • Brass manuscript tabs
  • An enormous, stylish notice board to spread out notes.


There are a ton of helpful programs for writers and a couple of them are nearly indispensable. Here are some of the most requested programs for writers

  • Scrivener

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10 Yoga Related Items You Don’t Need (The Anti New-Yogi Gift Guide)


Thinking of buying gifts for the Yogi in your life? Think again…

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Tis the season for shopping and it got me thinking….

There is about to be a huge push of yoga related products coming our way and it’s a bunch of stuff we don’t actually need to get started practicing yoga.

When it comes to starting a new activity, I tend to feel the need to buy an item or two in order to get excited about and commemorate starting a new venture.  When I started running, I thought I absolutely needed a cool running watch. Now I don’t even know where that watch is because I realized it is easier to just use my phone (also, I don’t even run anymore).  When I started yoga, I definitely needed a $108 dollar decorative mala necklace because HELLO that is truly what will allow me to find inner peace.  Insert eye roll.

So in honor of stepping back from the “I absolutely…

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Nine Motivational Quotes to Get You Through Monday


My favorite: “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.”

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It’s been a tough few days, so I thought I would share some of my favourite quotes to help get me through a dark, cold and dreary Monday… Simply click on the images to see them in full size.


I particularly like the Karen Lamb quote – this is something I often turn to when I am feeling low…

What about you guys? What is your favourite motivational quote that helps to get you through the day?

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