Alabama Sweet Alabama

I’ve settled into my new life adventure. I’m all unpacked and organized. The apartment looks great. And the pool and exercise facility are hardly ever occupied.
Turtle Lake Pool

Despite the occasionally fallen leaf and acorn (damn clumsy squirrels!), the pool is a great place to hang out with Husband when he gets home from work.


The weather has been beautiful. One Alabamian called it “tropical” and I completely agree. I walk out of my apartment in the morning and feel like I’m back in Cancun.


This is our view from the pool.

This is our view from the pool. The lake is filled with small fish and turtles. I saw a Momma and Baby turtle swimming the other day. So cute!

Toto is actually not the rude lil’ monster he was in Michigan. He happily wags his tail at strangers and dutifully allows his head to be petted without growling or snapping.


The only snag so far is finding a job. There were a couple interested parties but were only willing to offer a couple dollars over minimum wage. Husband and I agreed: not that desperate yet.


I do have a couple interviews coming up, so keep your fingers crossed for me!!

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First and foremost, I want to clarify that this is nota blog tour.

In the simplest terms, this promotion will be two separate components running side-by-side: a Rafflecopter giveaway and distribution of the Pure Textuality PR PNR Sampler. Additional marketing measures (i.e. HeadTalker campaigns and Facebook ads) will be used to boost the promotion.

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Fangirl or Unhealthy Obsession Case No. 15

I was at the mall the other day.

Saw three boys wearing black slacks, white button downs, and black ties.

OMG, that could totally be Kota, Victor, and Luke. Does that mean the Academy really is a real thing?!?


K, V, L


When I spied them again in the parking lot racing to “Kota’s” car, I took a picture. They were really moving, as if they had someplace to be. As if they had Academy business! 

I had the strongest desire to follow them so I could meet all the Academy boys! Squee! That would be so totally awesome!

As I sat in my car staring at the picture, a thought drifted in. This could be considered creepy. And possibly illegal because these boys all look (and if they are really, truly from the Academy) underage. And I’m not so much underage anymore… 

Well, shit.

I deleted the picture.

Regret filled me as I drove home.

I totally should’ve followed them! Maybe I can start staking out the mall. They might return… At some point…