RB: A blog? Really?

I like my privacy. Most writers do, right? That’s why we’re depicted as lonely creatures, holed up in a cabin, off the beaten path, deep in the woods where we survive on only the characters in our head. Where we can talk to ourselves. Laugh out loud at our witty dialogue. Where we can down chocolate and caffeine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Where we can stay in our pajamas all day long, or all week long, not shower or wash our hair.

I’m a writer, but I’m afraid to write. Wait. That didn’t come out right. Er, sorry that’s too many writes. And rights. I like to write. I would love to live to write, but if you ask me to write out my vows, a speech, or a blog post all of the words in my head, that seem to fly through my fingertips when I’m writing the stories of my characters, go missing. I have an empty head and a pounding heart. I’m a writer, but not that type of writer. I can’t write anything fun or interesting, unless it is connected to chapters, and will eventually have page numbers and at the end, a cover.

In light of my first post I researched online, ’cause I’m big on research. I googled: What to write on your first blog post. You can find a lot of things online. (And now you can find me. HeHe *gulp*) One site suggested I post my mission. Uh, now I need to have a mission. I need to divulge personal information about myself to people around the world that I will quite possibly never even meet. Tell secret things, or not so very secret things, to the many Simons out there waiting to ridicule and poke holes in my fine china psyche. Oh, well, okay. Here it goes, RB’s Mission: To show my witty, snarky self to millions of people so when I do get published they will run out and buy my book. I will then become wildly famous, be able to quit my day job, buy a cabin in the woods, load up on p.j.s, chocolate, and caffeine, take my laptop and just…write. Shit. I can’t write that. Then I will have to make sure that every post I write is witty and snarky. Am I actually even witty and snarky to begin with?

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