RB: My Soundtrack

Book Soundtracks: A list of music that captures the essence of characters or scenes in a novel. Book soundtracks have been known to help with writer’s block by getting the author’s head back into the story. 

I first heard of book soundtracks when I was deep into Twilight fever. I had raced to my computer and downloaded every song Stephenie Meyer listened to while creating her masterpieces. It didn’t matter that some of the songs sounded like screaming and I couldn’t understand half of the words. They were about Edward.

I’m now on the verge of starting my new YA novel and had decided to create a soundtrack.

I spent a few days listening to crazy amounts of songs. I even listened to those Twilight songs again. (I still can’t figure out what that guy was yelling about.) I wrote down songs that reminded me of my characters. A couple of the songs told me a few things about my characters that I hadn’t even known yet. I categorized each character’s song into a separate playlist. It. Was. Great. I was ready to be like Stephenie Meyer and those other published authors.

I continued on with my pre-writing. Despite my best intentions, I hadn’t listened to my soundtrack once. (I knew once I actually started writing I wasn’t going to listen to it. I have to have absolute quiet for that.) My collage was the last thing on my list in the pre-writing stage. (Yes, I actually have a list. Sometimes my OCD even drives me crazy.) Ella told me that she listened to her soundtrack while she worked on her collage, so I decided to do the same. I’d get some proper use out of it at last.

I had all of my collage things ready to go. I had the day picked out. I wasn’t going to have the house to myself so I knew that I would be working in my “book” room, which has no TV at the moment. Listening to the characters’ playlists would work out great. The day came and Husband decided to go out for the night, “since I was going to be busy with writing stuff” and my teenage daughter, who from here on out I will refer to as Bubbles, was in her room doing “teenage” stuff that I couldn’t possibly understand.

There was no need to go into my book room. And I could choose to not listen to my soundtrack since I’ll be working in front of the large flat screen TV that Husband said was absolutely necessary for the room’s decor. And since Husband was not at home I could have full couch command and watch the Prince and Me and Bridget Jones’s Diary.

Roughly six hours later I had a beautiful collage, a sore bottom from sitting on the floor, sticky hands from the spray glue, a semi-permanent smile on my face from the many “aww” moments in the movies, and a book soundtrack I still hadn’t listened to.

Oh well…

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