RB has a Publishing Contract!

Less than one week after Ella and I created 2unpublishedgirls.com, I was offered a publishing contract through Soul Mate Publishing (www.soulmatepublishing.com).  I couldn’t figure out which emotion to feel first: shock or excitement. I did a weird kind of dance around my house exhibiting both. Be glad you weren’t there. It was like I was having fits or something.

The subject line of my email to Ella read: We have to change our blog name. Her answering excitement over the phone was a great backup to my moves.

The next few weeks passed quickly as I read up on how to read a book contract (google knows everything), getting together my author bio, and deciding to work on both the sequel of my soon-to-be-published novel and my recently started YA (young adult) novel.

The changing of our blog name crept up again last week. Did we want to change it? If we did what would we change it to? 1unpublishedgirland1publishedgirl.com. Um…maybe not.  And if we did change it, would it mess with the cool internet/blog mojo we’ve got going on?

I’ve been writing for the past fourteen years with the hopes of getting published and just two days after we started our unpublished blog I get a contract to be published. Something magical has to be going on. If we change it now, it could mess with Ella’s fate. Her turn is just around the corner! When she gets a contract maybe we’ll revisit this topic. We could change it to 2publishedgirls.com. That has a nice ring to it.

So for now we remain 2unpublishedgirls.com because our blog name is like a football player’s smelly socks only way better, because it doesn’t stink!

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