RB: What to Expect, Part III: Discouragement

Last week I received my first round of edits from SMP. I took the day off from my regular job on Friday and spent a long weekend on revisions. It was an emotional three days with many, many thoughts of why the hell did SMP pick my novel for publication? It completely and totally sucks. The funny, or sad, thing is that I thought this was my best written novel to date. I’d written about five others before this one and with each one I could see my writing getting stronger. It is definitely not as strong as I thought it was.

I silently thanked SMP a thousand times for accepting my novel. It was suddenly clear why I’d received all those rejections before hand. Husband and Ella tried to tell me it wasn’t as bad as I thought. SMP must have seen something in it. Publishing companies don’t hand out pity contracts. It all sounded great, but I wasn’t in the right mood to be cheered up by it. Perhaps when I’m at final editing stage I will believe it.

It helped to have another writing project at hand. When the stress became too much, I took a break and dived into the pre-writing of my latest WIP. How nice it was to just… write. To drift into my book world and let my thoughts, more specifically my characters, go in whatever crazy direction they wanted. I didn’t have to worry about an abundant use of pronoun identity, confusing the reader, or info dumps. *sigh*

I have no doubt Fallen Redepmtion will be reader worthy when it’s finished. Cheryl is an awesome editor. But the road to get there seems very, very long. I am learning as I go, though, which is something I can appreciate right now.

2 thoughts on “RB: What to Expect, Part III: Discouragement

  1. Ah, the soul-crushing world of the professional author. Every time you reach the “I’ve finally made it” stage, you discover that it too has its downsides.

    But hey–SMP is my dream publishing house, so I’m just impressed and happy for you!

    Hang in there 🙂

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