RB: Three WIPs At Once

Juggling writing with other writing projects is new for me. I’m used to working one novel start to finish before staring something new. Over the past few months, I found two ideas on how to help “control” my muse.

1. Music. I created a playlist for Callie’s Story. I have at least one song for each minor character in the novel and the heroine has about five. In the beginning this worked well. I was able to channel my Callie muse easily. Lately the effect has worn off. It may be because when I’m finished with my pages for the day, I keep listening to the music as I do other things. I really like the songs. So now when I hear Callie’s playlist I also have the urge to fold laundry, file some work papers, or check my email. Oops.

I devised a plan for my next novel’s playlist: only choose songs that I won’t listen to afterwards. Perhaps some Megadeath for my next romance or maybe music from Tony Bennett’s greatest hits for a YA.

2. Candles. I like candles. I have various scented candles throughout my house. Tealight party, anyone? For my novels, I picked out scents that pertained to the hero/heroine of the story. For Callie’s Story it was an oceany scent. For Lucas’s Story it’s a male, woodsy scent. Unfortunately I found out that both of them give me a headache after five minutes of burning . . . sigh.

On the bright side whenever I have a headache I do think of writing. And since I often pair listening to my playlist and smelling my candle at the same time, I also think of vacuuming or sorting the mail. 😉

Have you ever worked on more than one project? What methods have you used to keep your muse on task?   

*That’s not me in the picture, although I have been seen in that pose many, many times this past week.


2 thoughts on “RB: Three WIPs At Once

  1. I used to start new stories ten pages into my “old” new ones. My mind was buzzing with ideas and I couldn’t resist starting up all sorts of writing projects. 20 unfinished stories later I realised I was out of control and stopped. >.>

    Now I force myself to finish one novel before beginning the next. Of course this means that it takes me a terribly long time to finish a single book, haha.

    • Before I started the craziness of multiple W.I.P.s, I’d also get really excited about a new project toward the end of the current project. I’d force myself to finish the current project first, though, but then when I was ready to start the new story, I’d undoubtedly find that I lost the excitement over it. -RB

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