RB: Google Earth and Wikipedia

Since I’ve completed the prewrite of Lucas’s Story (yeah!) I’d like to give a shout out to two of my favorite programs that have helped me with this stage of the story.

Dear Google Earth,

What can I say about you? You’re a part of Google and the Big G is all things greatness.

You allow me to plot my characters’ houses and favorite haunts. I click on your little camera and get a full view of what the city streets and parks look like. I can find nearby schools, ice cream parlors, and a place far in the woods for my serial killer to bury his victims. You’ve made my story world a better place to live. You are awesome. 



Some say you are full of lies.

I say it doesn’t matter. I write fiction. The way I see it, we’re a match made in my laptop.

You’ve given me insight and helped me create my characters’ past. Because of you, I’ve learned where the Ø symbol is in Word. I will always turn to you in times of prewrite. Thanks.

What about you? Are there any websites or programs you cannot live without when you write? 


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