RB: Worth a Thousand Words

Everywhere I look lately it seems writers are using beautiful photographs as writing prompts. Though I admire the images and most of them end up as my screen saver pictures, they fail to jog my creativity. The magnificent landscapes, people in masks, or birds catching bugs don’t jive with my story. Now if bloggers posted pictures of decapitated bodies in the midst of bursting into dust or a pale, lifeless human lying in a dirty alley with a two-inch cut on the side of her neck, that would totally rock as writing prompts!

Until then, I’ve been using the pictures to take a break from creativity. A little a mental interruption for my brain. I love it when I see a photograph and immediately get a tightening in my chest, or if it instead takes me away for a little while to a place that is not my life. It’s what I want to do with my stories.

So though the photos don’t help with the words I put on the page, they are still inspirational. Below are a few of the photos that remind me of my true goal when I sit down in front of my computer: to make my readers feel. (All of the photographs were found on Wikimedia Commons.).


I look at this one and my worries don’t seem so big. Each of us would only be a spec in this photograph. Not even noticeable. Why should I feel as though my issues are bigger or even more important than anyone else’s?

Vatican Museums Spiral Staircase Looking Up 2012

This one makes me smile. I also feel a little dizzy when I try to figure it out. 😉


I love being outdoors, especially in the woods. When I see photos like the one above, I take a few minutes, close my eyes, and image myself there: the cool air against my face, the occasional chirp of a bird, the stillness, the quiet. It’s a place where I’d have no requests, no demands, or no deadlines.


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