RB: I’m (not!) running on E

My original topic for this post was on Pinterest. I’ve been in the midst of deciding which social media outlets to branch into, but this morning my brain was unwilling to cooperate on any writing task set in front of me. So, how can I spark my creativity? Other posts on this topic have been swimming through my mind, but I’ve unable to latch onto a single one that will help me specifically. I’ve dealt with writer’s block before. My method is to just write through it. I write however many pages of crap, pulling each crappy word out one by one on the page until the block is gone.

This is more than writer’s block. With writer’s block, I still want to write. I don’t even have that urge anymore. So instead of looking at beautiful pictures, listening to my book’s soundtrack, free writing about my characters in a non-plot way, all I want to do is ditch my day job, grab a book and sit outside in the sunny weather and read. Maybe sleep, too. Chocolate should definitely be in there somewhere. Oohh, maybe some red wine – it’s five o’clock somewhere. 😉

I could possibly do all this except I will feel horribly guilty most of the time because Callie and Lucas are getting jilted (the characters in my current WIPs). And then I will worry that my muse will get pissed off again and decide to leave me with writer’s block for however long he deems appropriate. Which to tell you the truth I’d rather have at this point, because this urge to sit and do absolutely nothing is a little bit scary. A small part of me says I’m overreacting. (A bad habit of mine) It’s only one day. Skipping is not all bad, could be considered healthy even. But this has slowly been coming. The past few weeks my daily page quota has steadily dropped. The last two weekends I didn’t write at all.

I may have finally found the courage to stand up and call myself a writer (see last week’s post here), to find out I have nothing else left to say.

What do you do when you are beyond writer’s block?

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