RB: Pinterest, anyone?

I’ve been thinking about joining Pinterest. To me, it would be like an online collage. Yeah! I’m a visual writer. I enjoyed putting together a collage for Callie’s story. I spent waaay more time than necessary at craft stores and too much money on several different types of glue, but it was worth it in the end. Whenever I’m stuck on plot or character, I look at my collage and instantly become immersed in her world. I thought readers might get a kick out of seeing what I see when I write. So, when the Pinterest idea hit, I Googled the ins and outs of it and found one hitch: copyright protected photos. The pics I used for Callie’s collage are filled with images that I could not legally pin without getting approval. Google did steer me toward copy free image sites and that might work for future novels, but not so much for the current ones.

I’m now faced with the dilemma of whether I should still join. My earlier excitement of a sharing an online story collage with my readers has fizzled out, taken over by worries of lawsuits and hours upon hours of searching for legal photos. What about you? Do you use Pinterest? Have you ever tried to contact an image owner to get approval?

Here’s a pic of Callie’s collage. Just don’t zoom in, there may be some legal issues about taking pictures of copyrighted pictures that I haven’t found yet. 😉

Callie Collage

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