RB: Sshh I’m Listening

READING: City of Bones, The Mortal Instruments Book 1, by Cassandra Clare

LISTENING: Darkness Dawns by Dianne Duval

I’ve listened to a variety of audio books over the years; on long car rides, on my twenty minute drive to work, while doing house work, walking the dog, and exercising. Many I enjoyed and kept on my iPod for future re-listening, others I deleted after hearing the first ten minutes. I often wondered if it was the audio book actor’s voice I objected to or the actual story. Would I have listened to Twilight if the actor’s voice sounded like screeching train brakes? It’s possible. I don’t like to mention it too often, but Edward and I have this connection. We’ve kept it on the down low, you know for Bella’s sake, but it’s not really fair to her, or Eddie and I. We belong together.

The Twilight series were my first audio book keepers. I’ve listened to each book at least five times. During my last Twilight kick, I was listening to Breaking Dawn in the bath and accidentally dropped my iPod in the water. I never swore so loud in my life. That’ll teach me to not buy a waterproof case.

I thought about putting my upcoming book on audio. The teacher from my online promoting class recommended reading the first chapter and posting it on my website. If I threw in some corresponding pictures it could go up on YouTube. Apparently there’s a free online program that will help. I’ve been toying with the idea. My once-upon-a-time college speech teacher told me I had a “soothing” quality to my voice. I was extremely pleased with the comment and have often thought back about it over the years. Until recently, when out of the blue I wondered if that was just a nice way of saying I was putting her to sleep. . .

What about you? Do you enjoy listening to audio books? Do you like the books where the speaker will deepen her voice to sound like a man?


3 thoughts on “RB: Sshh I’m Listening

  1. I love audiobooks! I agree that some reader voices are better than others. I particularly like Nigel Planer on the Terry Pratchett ones and James Marsters on Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series. Also, I prefer male voices to female ones. yeah, I know 😉

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