Book Release Blog Party, Day 2

Thanks for joining the party! Today you get to “meet the hero”.

Cade was nice enough to answer a few questions for me during the pre-writing stage of Fallen Redemption. Hope you like it.

Name: Caderyn O’Cearnaigh
Nickname: Cade
Date of Birth: December 12, 1695
Year you transformed into a Behnshma: 1729
Address: None of your biz
Height/Build: Strong and tall enough to get the job done.
Occupation: To find Fallen and kick their ass into hell.
Identifying marks: Small cluster of small pox scars on upper left cheek from when I was still human and a Behnshma tattoo on my upper right arm.
Identifying traits: I read minds.
The date/time you’re filling this out: 07/07/2009, 7:30 am
Where are you: In my study
What are you wearing: (A little personal isn’t it?) Black pants, black t-shirt, black boots
What’s in your closet: weapons
Weapon of choice: Katana, given to me by Yamaoka Tesshu when my kendo training was complete.
Last movie watched: King Kong, the original
Favorite TV Show: I don’t watch enough to have a fav. I’ve heard enough voices in my head over the years to appreciate silence.
Last TV Show watched: CNN Newsroom
Last game played: Who can lift the most weight. Played with Lucas. I won.
Greatest fear: Never earning redemption.
Greatest love: My children.
Favorite quote: “Death destroys a man: the idea of Death saves him.” EM Foster, Howards End
Boxers or briefs: None
Car: Koenigsegg CCX, black
What was the last thing you ate: McD’s three Big Macs with an extra large fry. Don’t tell Jeeves, he’ll be upset.
Describe your last dream: It was of Sarah. All I’m going to say.
Sexiest part of a female: Her mind.
Last gift given: A punch to Gabe. It was to help him keep his mouth shut.
Last time you cried: The day I buried my second child.
Last time you laughed: Can’t remember. I’m sure it was at Gabe’s expense.

Did you happen to miss yesterday’s cover reveal and synopsis? Here’s a link to read Day One’s post.

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