RB: Where’d it go?

As Ella pointed out—lovingly?—in a previous post, I like things in a set way. Lately I’ve been writing from 6 am to 7 am before work. After a particular nasty workday last week, I needed a distraction from the horrible person that put me in my mood. Reading is my go-to stress reliever. This time it was Callie who popped in, asking to be heard. Husband and Bubbles were gone riding roller coasters so it was just me and Dog for the night anyway. It’d been a long time since I was this energized about writing. Callie and I had a great time. I wrote close to seventeen hundred words in under an hour. It. Was. Awesome. The rest of the week’s morning writing went very well, too. Most every day I wrote over my quota and I was only late to work once because of it.

Until this week. Apparently my Muse spent all of our creative energy last week, so we have absolutely none this one. (It’s called preserving, Muse. Learn it.) I find myself drifting off into la la land just after one page of writing. It’s dreadful. I’ve been through writer’s block before. I know, for me, I just need to push through, but I hate it. I had all these expectations after last week’s awesomeness. I’d finish the book earlier. I’d re-start the sequel to Fallen Redemption, which I am dying to get back to.

Even now as I write this, I only have one and a half pages of Callie written. This morning, I wrote, then stopped, wrote some more, stopped, bit my lip, petted Dog (who thankfully stopped trying to lick my hand as I typed like he was playing his own version of Whac a Mole), checked my email (*gasp* I know, I know, a big writing no-no), re-read Ella’s post about her lovely, jealousy-inducing, (*whining* I want to go) vacation. As of right now (before editing) this post is 360 words. Three hundred and sixty words that would have been great if I could actually add them to my Callie counter. Why are my fingers flying over the keyboard now, but when I switch back to Callie’s Story my stupid appendages, along with my Muse, freeze up like my keyboard is covered with six inches of super, thick, green (I have no idea why it has to be green) goop.

It seems sacrosanct, but I’m thinking the next time I get a rush of creative energy I may hold back a bit (because obviously Muse can’t control himself. I hate to admit it, but he’s addicted to the creative energy. I’m thinking of staging an intervention. After I finish Callie and Lucas’ story, but then of course there’s Sarid and Gabe to get through. . .  hmm maybe ix-nay on the intervention-ay). But if I hold back will I lose it? And maybe I’m just over thinking this because I’d rather be worrying about this then trying to help Callie save her sister from a gut-wrenching death.


Maybe now, I get it.


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