RB: Social Your Media

I knew it was coming. I should’ve had one months and months ago. The whole process was really stressing me out. So, instead of dealing with it I decided to read instead. Kresley Cole and I had a very fun seven days together. It. Was. Awesome. Not very productive, but awesome.

Last week I finally put my big girl pants on and did it. And because I always give myself big projects with firm deadlines during the worst times of my life, last week was also one of the busiest at my work. At my job, August equals extremely-stressed-out-RB-who-takes-antacids-like-they’re-Ella’s-Swedish-fish. It also means that if I don’t take vitamins on a daily basis I get sick. Guess what happened? You betcha. I forgot to take my vitamins. So I spent the last part of last week fighting off a cold. And on top of all this, I decided it was a swell time to organize my Social Media Calendar and make a weekly do-to agenda filled with blogging, Facebook, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, writing forums and Goodreads book reviews.

I’ve read a lot of how-to articles about this subject. I even took a class on it. One of the main points is to not do too much. I should aim for quality posts, not so many posts on way too many medias so I’m unable to fully interact with my readers. I strived to do this. I really did. Even though I dreaded Facebook and Twitter before signing up and shuddered at the thought of joining a forum, now I absolutely love them. It’s crazy how much fun I found in them. For a girl who’d rather read than walk into a room full of strangers and make stilted how’s-the-weather conversation, I was surprised at how thoroughly I enjoyed interacting with people on my medias.

The first part of last week went alright. I handled each SM to-do with a smile and sometimes a chuckle. By Thursday, I wasn’t laughing and my smile was a bit strained. On Sunday, I was ready to drop and my head was absolutely pounding. It was most likely the cold which had not gone down for the count yet, but I finally allowed myself to admit that I might have put too much on my plate.

But here’s the dilemma. What do I give up? I enjoy working with them all. I have different readers on each site. If I give up one it means losing readers. I don’t want to do that. But I don’t think I can continue at this pace without ending up twitching on my writing room floor with drool oozing down my chin, muttering incoherently about tweets and facebooking.

Any suggestions? How do you social your media?

5 thoughts on “RB: Social Your Media

  1. Pick the ones you enjoy most and focus on those. I still tend to spend way too much time on them. In the coming weeks I am going to try to limit my social media time to certain moments of the day and try to ignore them beyond that. @emmykuipers 😉

      • I’m partial to Twitter. I’ve only started using it actively for a month or so and yes, I enjoy it way too much. I use facebook purely to keep in touch with friends and family. But when my author page goes up there, I’ll expect to spend more time there. My blog takes up time too. I’ll try to schedule it twice a week. I’ve read some writers had great experiences with Pinterest but I will not be going there in the near future. Day only has 24 hours.

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