RB: My life would be easier if I could stop time

Ahhh, school’s starting again.

I assume that on the eve of the first day of school most parents are doing their yippy-happy-joy-dance. *sigh* I am not one of those parents. It’s not because I’ll be sad that Bubbles is going off to school. Truthfully she needs a bit of time away from television, kindles, and iPods. I won’t be weeping about all the time we will no longer spend together. Most of that together-time was forced anyways. “Teenagers, don’t hang out with their parents, Mom. (insert silent “duh” here.)” Instead I’ll be sobbing inside over my lost writing time.

The past months of summer vacation have led to wonderful, quiet, uninterrupted (if you don’t count Dog and his uncontrollable tongue) writing moments from 6:15 am to 7:15 am before I left for my job.

Beginning tomorrow, that time will be spent lunch packing, breakfast making, tooth and hair brush nagging, and school lot traffic jamming. *an even bigger sigh* I’m not looking forward to it.

I had thought about waking up at 3:30 am instead of the normal 4:30 am, but then I thought that’s jumping right over crazy into insane-ville. I tried to comfort myself by saying that I could start writing at work again when things are slow. But I work at a school and the first few weeks of a new school year are ten degrees above unhealthy-stress-level-of-extreme-busy. There’s always writing when I get home for work. Although that would then take place of my social media time.


I think this is the first moment in her fifteen years of existence that I have one hundred percent agreed with Bubbles. School sucks.

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