Bad RB

I promised myself I wouldn’t do this since I’ve become published RB instead of the plain ‘ol will-this-ever-happen-or-will-it-just-always-be-a-really-involved-hobby RB. I promised myself I would write six days a week, even during holidays. I would strive for three pages a day, accepting two on rough days and relishing four or five on awesome days. But I wouldn’t allow Husband’s puppy dog eyes of “please come hang out with me” to sway my goals. I wouldn’t allow the latest episode of So You Think You Can Dance to distract me. And I would not under any circumstances allow a really good book to tempt me away from my destiny. And that is what I had to remind myself all day yesterday and the better part of today.

No, RB, just stop reading Significance. It will still be there when you get back. Caleb and Maggie’s chest-wrenching, heart-yearning love will not cease to exist just because you tap the corner of your Kindle and close the cover. Your current work in progress, Callie’s Story, WILL suck you in as soon as you pass the half page mark. You know it will. Just put the book down and get to it.

I tried. I really, really tried. But I couldn’t help it. Have you ever read a book that had captured your every thought even when you weren’t reading it?

You’re almost done with it anyway. Best to just finish it so you can devote your entire mind to the task at hand: to finish Callie’s Story.

Besides this book has something to teach you. You want, no NEED, to learn how to deliver a story that will make readers feel as if they’ve taken a knife to the heart when they have to get back to their real life for a bit.

Whew. So it’s okay. I’m not abandoning my responsibilities as an author. I’m just learning more of my craft. How silly of me to ridicule myself for something that is so worthwhile and important as a writer. A writer first and foremost must read!

Sorry, bloggers, I must cut this post off here. It’s time for some craft learning. Plus I think there’s three more books in the series and I should probably finish them all before I get back to writing. It’d only make sense. . . I’ll probably learn something important anyways. Something that I can contribute to Callie’s Story. It’s best to download the rest of the series now on my Kindle so I won’t have to be distracted later.


2 thoughts on “Bad RB

  1. I love books that suck you in like that. And yes, life MUST stop until they are read. And maybe the next three books in the series if there is one. Good luck with that distraction thing! lol

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