RB: It’s Time

Since Callie no longer needs Muse’s whole attention I’m ready to get back to Lucas’s Story, the second book in my Trihune Series. I know some followers—Lisa!—have been waiting eagerly to hear news about this book. Some may have even left a few—many!—words of—hurry up! Why are you taking so long?!?—encouragement. 🙂 I just want to say thanks. Your words of—impatience—support have meant a lot. I mean it.

So how do I get my head synced with Lucas’s after all this time?

A tiny voice in my head says, “I told you so. I knew this would happen when you devoted Muse to Callie. Lucas is gone. He lost interest. He thinks you don’t love him anymore. His HEA is dead. DO YOU HEAR ME? DEAD!”

The first step is to not listen to the unhelpful, tiny voice.

The second step is to read the seventy-fives pages I’ve already written, while trying not to cringe. Third is to pour over the Lucas Binder. It’s filled with pictures and copious notes on the characters of the story. Then I’ll read through my plot notes. It’s sad to say, but I’ve forgotten all the little things. Where did Lucas and Kate, the heroine, come from? What steps are they taking to get to their end? How will their past meet their future? Finally, I’ll sleep on it. Maybe for one night. Maybe for a week. But it will come back. Their story needs to be told and told by me. I have faith—stubborn determination—that Lucas will speak to me again. Kate is another story, though. She wasn’t so talkative in the beginning. It’ll take time to build trust. But eventually, too, that will come.

Besides, they have no other choice. I hold their happily ever after in the corner of my mind and at the pads of my fingertips. *evil grin*

So take that, tiny voice.

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