RB: Things I Learned in Cancun

I recently returned from a week long va-cay in sunny Meh-he-co. It was a surprisingly educational trip. And I managed to remember most of what I learned, despite the number of cervezas I drank.

  1. Even during a tropical storm, I still prefer Mexico to Michigan.
  2. Pore extraction is as extremely uncomfortable, and sometimes downright painful, as it sounds.
  3. Saying, Cargo a mi habitación, por favor (Charge it to my room, please) is addicting. Just this morning, I tried it on a Starbucks worker. At his confusing look, I repeated it, in English that time. Can you believe he threatened to take back my lovely double chocolate brownie?
  4. Despite number two, I want to find an equivalent to the Moon Palace Spa in Michigan.
  5. Writing is not what I do, it’s what I am.

photo (2)

Before leaving on our trip, I promised Husband I would leave my computer at home. No writing and only thirty minutes a day of Social Media-ing on my iPhone. I managed to drink enough Tom Collins to banish the ever-present hamster wheel thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, my blog, and She Writes and Goodreads forum messages. But nothing could stop my thoughts on writing.

Lucas and Kate, the hero and heroine of my current WIP, were ever present. Lucas hid in the shadows—when he could find them—most of the time. I did have a nice conversation with him on our way to the scuba diving location, though. Kate was more active. Although I suspect it had more to do with the fact that she was out of the country and away from the US police than because she was in my company. They made me wish I’d found a way to smuggle my laptop in my suitcase. (Sorry, Husband.)

photo (3)

I will miss the sunshine, sleeping in, breathtaking blue skies, swimming, palm trees, swim up pool bars, 24-hour room service, and mimosas with my omelet. But I’m glad to be home because I missed writing the most.

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