RB: A Writer’s Review

Keri Arthur is a writer to look up to. Every one of her novels are an emotional page-turner and Darkness Hunts was no exception. (**SPOILERS** ahead.)

As a writer, I never stop learning about the craft. Every book is an opportunity to gain more knowledge on how to write and sometimes how not to. Listed below is what I learned from Darkness Hunts.

1. Never stop action is a page turner.

In Darkness Hunts, Risa (the main character) is on her way up the stairs to work on bills when the kitchen suddenly explodes. In my writing Risa would work on the bills first and then the kitchen would explode. This quite possibly could be my slightly neurotic tendencies coming forward, but I must remember: bills = boring, explosion = page-turner.

2. Do not break the tension once it’s in your grasp.

In this book, Risa is consistently exhausted. No sleep = more danger. It brings the character to a breaking point. It increases the fear I have for Risa to get out of her impossible situation. Throughout most of the book, I really just wanted her to take a nap. I fear if this was my story, she would have.

3. Avoid repetition.

The author used shivering and rubbing arms as a way to signify fear/apprehension. Risa shivered and rubbed her arms quite a bit during this novel. The emotion this action portrayed lost its power towards the end.

4. Unrequited love in a series will make readers come back for more.

Although this is definitely true, at least with this reader, I wouldn’t have the heart to do it to any of my own characters. As writers, we’re supposed to be mean to our characters. Give them hell and then sit back with a glass of wine as they find a way out of it. I strive to do this in my own writing, but I don’t have the stomach to take away their happily ever after at the end of the book. Β But as a reader, it does keep me coming back for more. I can’t be happy until Risa has found her HEA.

I gave this book four stars. During the course of this book, I was:
Anxious. . .Check
Emotional. . .Check
Wanting more. . .Check
Satisfied with the romantic elements provided (read β€œsex” here). . .Check
HEA fulfilled. . .No Check 😦 But this just means that I will be eagerly awaiting Authur’s next installment in her Dark Angels series.

6 thoughts on “RB: A Writer’s Review

  1. Great post! I definitely understand what you mean by repetition. When I read overused words or phrases it really does bug me. It’s important for a writer to find different ways to describe/show how a character feels.

    For my books, I put my characters through all sorts of hell, but I can never deny them a happy ending. I feel they always deserve it. πŸ™‚

    • I agree with you Chrys. In the beginning “rubbing arms” was a great way to show Risa was scared or nervous. Towards the end all I thought was, “Girl, do you actually have any skin left to rub?” πŸ™‚ -RB

  2. That sounds nice but as i also try never to use a word to often. it can kill your mood. it was one of the things in %0 shades of grey as ell.
    Tension can be build in more than one way. Says the writer who only just got one small story written with some elements if tension lol
    like she is paying the bills and give a slight hint on what will cause the explosion. than have her walk up. explosion. but am just starting πŸ˜€

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