Giving Happy Day of Thanks

Social media has been filled with people giving thanks for the blessings in their life this month. It’s a beautiful tradition and one that should be carried over to all the other months in the year.

I must admit some of my thanks were not well thought out, allowing my frustration to cloud the moment. Such as this one: I give thanks that my ancient computer is still working despite the fact I have writer’s block and have been unable to write anything but crap the last five days.

But most of my thanks have opened my eyes to the fact that my life is filled with many wondrous and blessed moments.

Today, I wanted to post my thanks since it pertains to all of you.

Thank you, Followers and Readers, for reading my posts, hitting the like button, leaving awesome comments, not leaving nasty ones when I’ve misspelled words, accepting Ella and I into your WordPress Reader or RSS stream, forgiving me when life takes me away from reading your posts, and when the childhood fears of “don’t say that, you’ll sound stupid” prevents me from commenting. Blogging was my first step into the social media world and because of you will always remain my favorite.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Giving Happy Day of Thanks

  1. Thought the computer was good. It is like thanking yourself for doing a good job keeping it working. We thank for a good life and everything good in life. So yes thankful that old computer is still working. It keeps us able to read your blogs as well.
    Thank you for being there. and that is a personal thanks 😉 keep smiling you two.

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