RB: Characters Revolt! Plot Taken Hostage!

About two weeks ago I began having issues with my heroine. There were too many days of dragging every single word out of my head. I knew what the problem was, but I didn’t know how to fix it. I brainstormed. I talked to Ella. I berated myself for not thinking about this problem during the pre-writing stage. It was a MESS.

Then it came to me. An absolutely wonderful solution that I couldn’t believe I didn’t think of sooner. Especially since I’ve used this technique before and had great results.

I gave the problem to my heroine to solve by asking her questions. Well, technically, I had the hero asking the questions. And *choir angels singing* it worked.

Answers to my questions flew from my fingertips. Solutions to the main problem flooded my brain. I finally had everything I needed. I was overjoyed. Ecstatic. The next few writing days were awesome!!

Until the hero gossiped to his buddies.

Probably bragged how he “helped” me out of my situation.

Because the buddies got it into their head that I, the writer, had no idea what I was doing. Which was completely ridiculous. One little hiccup to a major, major plot issue of the story didn’t mean that I—okay, so I didn’t know what I was doing. But that was then. Now I have things under control. Com-plete-ly.

The damage had been done, though. (See how nasty rumors can be?) 

My characters took a plot point that I had set to launch in about 100 pages and moved it up.

To right that instant.

…I have no appropriate, non-swear words to convey my thoughts at that moment.

No matter what I did to try and stuff the plot point back where it belonged, no matter how I cried and screamed at my characters to STICK WITH THE GAMEPLAN they turned it around on me.

If you’ve read any of my earlier posts you’ll remember that when something similar to this occurs I’ve usually been pleasantly excited to allow my characters to take over. For a while. Detours are fine. As long as the crazy short, or in most cases extremely long and bumpy, cut veers back on course.

But this detour is completely out of line. And will in no way EVER lead back to the original road.

Oh, no. I have to create a new road.

The little f***rs. 

22 thoughts on “RB: Characters Revolt! Plot Taken Hostage!

  1. I’ve had similar experiences working on my current ms. Had to shift around what I considered major plot points at the time, but things have worked out for the best! Your characters know what they’re doing! Haha! Good luck!

  2. I love how just working with process can solve a multitude of problems. That and just talking to someone, even if it’s a character. People are usually willing to tell us what they’re thinking if someone will just listen. Sounds like you were listening just time. haha

  3. I felt this way about my characters during NaNoWriMo. What did they do with my plot!? And no matter how nicely I ask them to get back to the original plan, they simply give me the troll face. 😀

  4. Characters always seem to create the plot. I came to understand that much. And like little mice they hide or scare you like shits or something. In stead of a new road sneak in a ninja that walked the normal path and draw them back on it. Like a little helper of santa. Look what i got come and get it. an underlying plot.
    Would that help.

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