RB: Sorry, what did you say…

I don’t know how many times I’ve said that to my family these past two weeks. I’ve been working hard to get the second set of edits completed for Callie’s Story and the first draft of Lucas’s Story finished. Even when I’m not in front of my computer they vie for attention.

Lucas said he was patient when I put him aside to finish Callie’s Story, so it’s his turn now. We all know this isn’t true: blog post June 18, 2013, You’re an a$$hole, Lucas.

And Callie is rolling her eyes, stomping her feet, getting ready for a full blown tantrum because she believe the story is more than ready to be read by a “real” audience (because apparently as the author I’m not “real” enough for her).


I’m not sure how much of a reprieve they’ll give me to write this post. So I apologize now if I end in mid-sentence.

Since I’ve been editing and drafting simultaneously for a while now, I’ve often thought back to writing links that helped me reach these two separate stages. Not only have they’ve acted as my guidelines, they’ve been life preservers at some point. In case you need a guide or a raft, I’ll share them below.

This link was fabulous when I was stuck on a plot issue. I’ve also used it during the pre-writing phase. http://blog.janicehardy.com/2012/10/guest-author-jess-keating-creating.html

One of the few writing books I’ve read, I think it’s a must for every writer. http://www.amazon.com/GMC-Motivation-Conflict-Debra-Dixon-ebook/dp/B00DZ01FRY/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&sr=&qid=

I’ve used this character pre-writing device for my last three novels and will use it for the next three, and the next three, and the next three…  http://www.amazon.com/Create-Character-Clinic-Creating-Fictional-ebook/dp/B00957AZKY

I’ve recently picked up this pre-writing technique. It helped me delve deeper into my characters’ psyche. (You have to sign up for the author’s newsletter in order to access this and other writing articles, but I think it’s well worth the trade.) “Characters That Call To Us”  http://virnadepaul.com/for-writers-2/writing-cheat-sheets/

Plot and I don’t always get along. See blog post December 18, 2013, Characters Revolt! Plot Taken Hostage! I’ve tried different techniques over the last few novels and haven’t found anything that’s heavenly-lights-shining-down-with-choir-angels-singing-aaahh. I did come across this article a month ago and I plan to look into it before pre-writing my next novel. http://jamigold.com/for-writers/worksheets-for-writers/ It has links to eight different plotting techniques. I’m hoping one of them will work for me.

So what about you, bloggers and writers? Do you have any articles or books that helped you get to where you are today? Any tips for me on how to handle plot?

…seriously, Lucas? Seriously! This couldn’t have waited five more minutes. I’d think you’d have more patience since you are hundreds of years older than myself and Callie.

*sigh* Or maybe some suggestions on how to keep unruly characters in line?

3 thoughts on “RB: Sorry, what did you say…

  1. Sorry. I write but that is all. the plot just forms as I write. I am terrible when it comes to character creation. I just use one or two very strong characteristic for each character and the story will reveal the rest.
    It is main characters that get a second less obvious one to play with.
    then tome it is Goal and write. and somehow I get a character to do what needs to be done to get to set goal.

    I am just starting so what do I know. But right now the stories on my blog work. William being Naive and becoming more and more a hero. stronger. Determined. at ease.The interaction just make it work i guess.

    I am terrible LOL have a very vague idea and that is a story outline.15 sentences with some goal i want to achieve during the story. But that is me.
    Keep smiling you will get there I am sure.

    And happy new year. may it be a year of inspiration for the two of you

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