RB: Listening vs. Reading

I’m pleased to announce that my reading dry spell is over. In fact, I found a new favorite author. Although I’m not entirely happy that I stayed up to finish reading Molly Harper’s How to Run Naked With a Werewolf and only got about four hours of sleep before my alarm went off.

This fabulous book had me diving to my Kindle to download the rest of the werewolf series and the first book in her vampire Jane Jameson series. Within two and a half days, I finished the werewolf books and started the vampire one.

I was in the middle of the second page of Nice Girls Don’t Book 1 when I frowned. I’d read this story before. I remembered this scene. I began to get pissed that I paid eight bucks for a book I must have listened to before on my iPod, since I knew the physical book wasn’t on my kindle or on my overstuffed “real” books bookcase. Well, it was late, and was currently out of fundage to buy the next book in the series, so I kept on reading. By chapter two, I learned that I actually hadn’t read this one before. Oh, I started it, but I never finished.

This happens a lot when I listen to audiobooks. The tone and voice of the speaker turns me off and I stop listening because I’m unable to get into the story. Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs is a great book and I’m glad I didn’t miss it.

So how many other great books have I missed because of the speaker’s voice?

What about you? Have you ever turned off an audiobook because you couldn’t get into the story?

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9 thoughts on “RB: Listening vs. Reading

    • I’ve thought about doing that before… I’d probably do the same thing you do, though. I often find myself skipping ahead in the page when I read and have to go back and read sentences or paragraphs I missed. -RB

  1. That same thing happened to me with that same audiobook! I just couldn’t get into the story and finally gave up about 25 percent in. Maybe I’ll have to try reading it instead. It seemed like the kind of book I’d like.
    I always listen to the sample of the narrator now. There are a couple who I really like. Whoever read me the Dragon Tattoo books was great.

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