Gloomy Wednesdays: Complaining to See Who Goes First

One of the awesome things about Gloom is the way you determine who gets to go first: The person who had the worst day gets to go first. And of course, the only way to determine who had the worst day is to list the Very Bad Things that have happened to you today.

Ella: It’s 65 degrees in the house today.

RB: …I’m at work.

Ella: (squints meanly) I’m crabby today, I’m not rolling over that easily. I have an ingrown toenail from wearing so many pairs of socks because I’m trying to keep my feet warm because 65 degrees is actually a warm day in my house lately.

RB: (sniffs, folds arms over chest) I woke up four different times last night with nightmares, thus only getting roughly five hours of sleep. I need eight in order for those around me to survive the day, so it’s quite possible I’ll be out of a job by the time four o’clock rolls around. Or in jail.

Ella: Five hours of sleep, let’s see. I went to bed about ten-thirty, factor in the standard insomnia, Six woke us up at three . . . Uh-huh. What else have you got?

RB: (sticks out tongue) Fine. Whatever. You win. Go first. See if I care.

Ella: I also have bats. Probably. Again. In the walls, but it’s going to get worse, it always does, and also they’re predicting eight inches of snow for tomorrow night so the kids are going to be out of school again. Wait . . . what, you’re giving up already? Well, okay. Yippee, I win! I mean, yes, my life is awful, of course I win. (Sorry, I forgot what we were playing for a minute.)

If you’re lost and confused, it’s okay. We all are at times. The first Gloomy Wednesday post is here, and the Gloomy Wednesday link at the bottom of our Home page will take you to all of our Gloomy Wednesday posts.

5 thoughts on “Gloomy Wednesdays: Complaining to See Who Goes First

  1. And so it has started. yeahh… but Ella now we know why you write so little.. you do not get enough sleep LOL ingrown toenail from socks. to cool you got to love writers 😀
    Looking forward to next week ladies.

  2. I had never heard of this game and now I want to play right now! I’m totally ordering this for the next family gathering. This sounds like my kind of fun.

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