RB: Ugh, Editing

I started the third round of edits for Callie’s Story this past weekend.

It’s the line by line round.

Half of the time I feel like plucking my eyes out with a spoon.

. . . Or a melon baller.


Other times it’s like this.


It’s not all disasterly, though. Husband and Bubbles will officially no longer interrupt me when I’m in my writing room. It may have to do with my face when I answer their calls.

My writing face

And I am learning some things.

Like the difference between lie, lay, and laid (another melon ball plucker moment) and past verse passed.

Grammar Girl has been savior this weekend. Along with Thesarsus.com and my Flip Dictionary.

What are your go-to sites or books during the editing phase?

10 thoughts on “RB: Ugh, Editing

  1. Gah! I wish you’d put a warning up about that eyeball picture. I would have skipped this post. I’m going to have nightmares for weeks 😦

  2. My go-to sites are my husband β€” who has long been my best critical reader β€” on-line resources including ones you mentioned, my college edition of “The Elements of Style” by Strunk and White, and my hidden stash of chocolate. I loved this post; it made me laugh aloud on a morning when I needed it.

  3. He he getting English Grammar class right here LOL but wow that is a lot to take in
    thank you for sharing. and seeing these faces i am now dreaded to get editing in a near future. yeah that is my bestest English LOL

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