RB: Romantic comedy audiobooks and yoga don’t mix.

I downloaded the audiobook I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella to listen to while I worked out. Romance novels are a perfect distraction from burning muscles, dripping sweat, and the fact that it’s 4:30 a.m.

Or so I thought.

I never laughed so hard or so much with a book. Not a bad thing, really. Until Tony Horton asked me to perform a vasisthasana.

Woman doing Yoga side plank

It did not end well. I might have fallen on my face more than once. Apparently stomach muscles can only do one thing at a time: laugh or support my body weight.

Whatever, loser

Whatever, Stomach Muscles! You just better watch it. One double chocolate cake and you’re history.

The speaker, Jayne Entwistle, was absolutely wonderful. Her voice only added more to the story. By the end of the first chapter, I was “popping” places, instead of going. Using “vicar” for priest, just because it was fun. (I know, I know. I need to get out more.) I also said “knickers” more than necessary just because it annoyed my daughter.

Also during the listen of this novel I didn’t have the urge to throw my alarm clock through a wall when it went off. Or to flip Tony off when he demanded another set of one handed push ups.

F off Tony

I’m totally counting this as one push up.
Only nine more go.

Yeah, so, I’ve Got Your Number is a must read for fans of romantic comedies. Just not while you’re working out…

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