Gloomy Wednesday: Ella’s Turn

Tragedy shook the beleaguered Slogar family this week.

Professor Helena Slogar, continuing her quest to create the perfect husband for her daughter, Melissa, obtained a remarkably fresh brain for Grogar the teddy bear. A healthy young man from a good family who lived in the neighboring town died suddenly from a tragic . . . accident. Professor Slogar’s trusted assistant Elias E. Gorr happened upon the scene shortly after the tragic . . . accident and was able to recover the body and deliver it to Professor Slogar, who immediately harvested the brain and transplanted it into the waiting body of Grogar.

All seemed well, at first. Grogar was revived. He walked. He talked. He seemed disoriented, perhaps a bit agitated, but Professor Slogar was certain that would pass. She savored her moment of triumph. She had done it. She had achieved her heart’s desire by finally giving darling Melissa everything her heart desired.

And yet, as Grogar slowly recovered and was introduced to darling Melissa, Professor Slogar began to feel restless. She had no one with whom to share her parental joy. Perhaps it was time to turn her considerable talents to her dreams for herself.

Lord Slogar’s Unfortunate Accident several years earlier had rendered his body nonviable, but Professor Slogar had been able to preserve his brain so as to keep him with the family. But now there was that young man’s body, and although his injuries had been grievous, Professor Slogar was brilliant, was she not? Extraordinary, even. Perhaps she could heal this young man’s body after all, and give Lord Slogar a body again so he could rejoin his family.

Professor Slogar worked day and night over the young man’s body and her husband’s brain. As she worked, she realized that she was truly looking forward to having a husband again by her side. Young men were so passionate, so vital, so energetic. The body was young and strong and well made, and the brain had always been remarkable. The new young Lord Slogar recovered slowly. Professor Slogar kept him isolated and quiet in her laboratory, but eventually the time came to reintroduce him to the family.

They gathered for a quiet afternoon tea party. Select friends had been invited, and the household staff quietly joined them. Grogar and Melissa sat side-by-side on the sofa. The neighbors seemed rather taken by surprise by Grogar, but they were cautiously welcoming. Then, just before tea was served, Professor Slogar excused herself. She returned moments later with Young Lord Slogar, and in the stunned silence that followed her introduction, Professor Slogar’s triumph was complete.

Grogar broke the silence. A low . . . growl filled the room. Professor Slogar saw he was standing on the sofa, but before she could reprimand him he ran across the room with un-teddy bear-like speed and flung himself upon Young Lord Slogar. Hideous growls and piercing shrieks filled the room. Before the very eyes of Professor Slogar’s horrified guests, Young Lord Slogar was torn limb from limb. Professor Slogar and Elias Gorr wrestled with Grogar, but by the time they were able to restrain him the young body and the cherished brain of Lord Slogar were finally and completely destroyed.

Professor Slogar left funeral preparations to the staff. She was busy removing the clearly defective brain from Grogar. She buried both brains with the savaged body. Grogar’s body lies again in her laboratory, but Professor Slogar is unsure if she will be able to continue with him. Grogar’s reputation has been savagely scarred by the scandal, and Professor Slogar has begun to doubt she can ever make him a suitable husband for her beloved Melissa.


So right now the scores stand like this:

Ella’s Cards

Lord Slogar                            -45

Professor Helena Slogar       0

Melissa Slogar                         0

Grogar                                     -55

Elias E. Gorr                          -30


RB’s Cards

The Old Dam               0

Angel                          -35

Cousin Mordecai     -20

Willem Stark            +10

Balthazar                       0


Gloomy Writing Prompt: Go ahead. Kill someone off. If you do it on paper, it’s completely legal! Extra points if you do it at a party!

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2 thoughts on “Gloomy Wednesday: Ella’s Turn

  1. Wow almost missed today’s Gloomies.
    Just popped up in the list. good thing I checked it again.

    ha ha is that a good thing Now Lord Slogar is chopped up or bad.Gosh need another read of the rules again. just a sieve brain. All that picking of the brain has not done me any good.

    Gosh ladies you could write a kids book like this. to funny. Thankyou for the Wednesday smiles

    • Ella: Thanks, Crow! It’s actually a good thing that Lord Slogar’s dead, because the object of the game is to kill off all of your characters and end up with the highest point total. I’ve been waiting for a death card for weeks! I’m crossing my fingers that I get another one soon so I can kill off Grogar before RB can change his point total. 🙂

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