RB: A Great Review Has Unexpected, Disasterly Effects

Fallen Redemption recently received an awesome five star review on Amazon.

A barrage of emotions always run through me when I read one of my reviews. Normally only four or five. This time, though, it doubled.


Initial reaction: Wait. Is she talking about my book?

Second reaction: A warm flush of pleasure creeps into my cheeks.

Third reaction: This is SO AWESOME.

Fourth reaction: Giggle.

Fifth reaction: Re-read review.

Sixth reaction: Smile fades.

Seventh: Worry leaks the color from my cheeks.

Eighth: Sweat breaks out on my forehead.

Ninth: Hands shake.

Tenth: Possibly may vomit.

Eleventh: Last line of the review reverberates in my head. “I can’t wait to read the next book.” Next book. Next book.


Earlier reviewers of Fallen Redemption remarked on their willingness, and excitement *squee*, to pick up book two. I think this time those words affect me differently because I’ve completed the rough draft of book two and will soon begin the editing phase. The sudden pressure to make this book outstanding, better than the first, is overwhelming.


Mini RB: You should quit now. The rough draft you have sucks ass, big time.

Mini RB II: All rough drafts suck. It won’t suck when you’re finished with edits.

Mini RB: Everyone’s waiting for the second one to come out. You will disssssappoint them.

Mini RB II: Not necessarily. All the same ingredients are there as when you created FR, more actually. Think of your love for the characters. It’s their story. Concentrate on them when you edit. Concentrate on bringing their story to life in the best possible way you can. The rest will fall into place. You’ll see.

Mini RB: It Ssssssuuuuccckkks! Readerssss will hate it. And you!

Mini RB II: Put the readers out of your mind for now. Write the story for you, like you did with Cade and Emma.


As Mini RB’s Smeagol-like prolonged S’s echo in my head (sorry, I recently watched The Hobbit), I struggle not to give into fear. As sweet as Mini RB II is, Mini RB is louder. (And fashionably more dressed, I might add.)

I wonder if a large glass of merlot, or three, will help drowned out Mini RB’s voice. Maybe if I throw in a Max and Erma chocolate chip cookie…

It’s completely ridiculous that a wonderful great review is having this effect. Am I the only crazy one, or has the need to be great for your audience petrified you before?

10 thoughts on “RB: A Great Review Has Unexpected, Disasterly Effects

  1. LOL 😀
    The other day I tried to work on my sequel. Then I thought the following:
    You got lucky with the first one.
    There’s no way in hell you will be lucky for the second one.
    How did you manage to get everything in order?
    It will never be as good.
    How did I write all of that again?
    It wasn’t me.
    I will never think of things like that again.
    Let’s stop being a writer.

    But I don’t feel like stopping!
    I’ll go write something now.
    You’re not alone.

    • Oh my Lord, that’s exactly what went through my head! It sucks and definitely should not be. But no matter how many times I yelled at myself to stop the horrible internal dissing, it still slipped back in when my defenses were down. I wonder if I’ll ever combat it?

      But, yes I don’t feel like stopping either. I don’t think I ever will.

      Thanks for reaching out!

      Happy writing,

  2. Ha ha enjoy the writing, start to finish. It is you writing your own imagination down for you to read again.

    And never thought it would become this scary. I write just for the sake of writing. it is fun no matter what is said.
    And yes still trying for a published novel.

  3. Ha, yes. Oh, so much yes. And when you get the reviews that say ‘well, it was okay, but not as good as the first,’ they will hurt. But if you’re like me, you’ll keep writing anyway and eventually find them sort of a freeing relief. And then, eventually, you’ll get the one that says ‘best yet, loved it,” and that will feel awesome! Enjoy the merlot and keep writing. Not everyone will love Book 2, but as long as you do, it’ll all work out in the end!

      • I’ve known people who can have chocolate in the house and not eat it, too. I am not one of them. Yes, it may make me sick. Yes, I don’t need the calories. But… chocolate. In the house, its the slow torture of knowing it’s there and trying to pretend its not. And sometimes, after all, it is delicious and exactly what you need, and how will you know unless you try it?

      • Oh, yes I know all about that. I have my own shelf in the kitchen. Everyone in the households knows to not go on Mom’s shelf, which is always filled with chocolate. 🙂

        Yeah, Ella’s advice was good, but I’ll still go on Amazon and Goodreads every so often and check for new reviews. Just like when I go into the kitchen and hungry or not, I’ll grab one of those little mini bits of snickers. So. Delicious.


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