RB: Sometimes I feel like my creativity is water in a pebble-filled colander, slowly draining away. 

I’ve been feeling so blah on the writing front lately.



Ella would say I need a break.

But I had one. I was off work the first week in April for “spring” break. I’d finished the final edits of Callie’s Story and sent it off to my beta reader the day before my break officially started. I did the bare minimum on the social media front that week. I read a ton of books, had a facial, went to the salon for a cut and color, slept in, didn’t work out.

Now I’ve been back to the grind for over a week and I’m still not feeling it.

writing ugh

Ugh. When will I get my spark back? My excitement? Has this ever happened to you? How did you overcome it?


5 thoughts on “RB: Sometimes I feel like my creativity is water in a pebble-filled colander, slowly draining away. 

  1. Ha ha would one believe I am in it. It is like that one muse that started the project is missing. So I just keep writing my blog. At least have fun doing what I love doing.

    I just never write or want to write, forced. As it never works for me.

    Write with a smile enjoy the process even if it is on something else.
    keep on smiling.

    • I think my muse has taken a vacation. At least I hope it’s just a vacation. Not a complete, “Sayonara, crazy lady, I want nothing more to do with you.” 😉

      I always love it when you stop by. Thanks!


      • I wonder where mine has gone. I think she is to busy amusing others.
        Ooh well the ink keeps on spilling.

        Always a pleasure stopping by as I to learn from your adventures. You two are great writers. I enjoy reading.

  2. Totally been there, done that. In fact been in a slump lately – but I have been forcing myself to write more the past couple of weeks. That’s not my norm, I usually wait it out – because it comes back eventually but this time, IDK… so even if it’s a paragraph, I write. If I hate it later, I can always delete. I’m at the point where I’m writing more and more each day now. : ) HANG IN, girl. It’ll work out. ❤

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