Gloomy Wednesday: Ella’s Turn

Teddy bears with half of a brain are, as it turns out, rather easy to track down and apprehend when suspected of murder. The conviction was easy, too. Grogar was still in possession the knife he used to kill Angel and he attempted to use it on the arresting officers. Justice was swift but not entirely without mercy: Grogar was sentenced to life in prison but confined to a “special populations” ward for “non-traditional” prisoners.

Even the Special Populations ward was difficult for Grogar, though. He was ruthlessly, heartlessly, viciously mocked by midgets.Grogar suffered a violent mental breakdown. He tore his own stuffing out and attempted to suffocate a fellow prisoner by stuffing it down his throat. The guards stopped him before he killed the other prisoner, who was saved by quick application of the Heimlich maneuver. Grogar was rushed to the prison infirmary and stitched back together. Physically he seems healthy—although the prison doctors do not have a lot of experience with teddy bear patients—but he continues to lie in the infirmary in what appears to be a catatonic state.

The prisoner he attacked was also deeply traumatized by the event. Cousin Mordecai had not been part of the midget gang that tormented Grogar; he had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. He had witnessed Grogar’s vicious mocking but had remained silent, not wanting to draw attention to himself and become another victim. But his silence had nearly cost him his life, and he vowed to remain silent no longer. And then, Grogar had gotten rid of his terrible cousin Angel. Mordecai owed him a favor. Mordecai contacted one of the reporters who had followed Grogar’s story and told him the story of Grogar’s attack. In the media storm that followed Mordecai took every opportunity to speak about the conditions in the prison, about the terrible mocking that the prisoners endure and the deep psychological toll this takes on them. Mordecai was a surprisingly eloquent speaker. He became a media darling, gained national celebrity and even became popular in parliament as a speaker on the problems of modern prisons. There has even been talk of commuting his sentence and setting him free.


So right now the scores stand like this:

Ella’s Cards

Lord Slogar                            -45

Professor Helena Slogar       0

Melissa Slogar                        0

Grogar                                     -25

Elias E. Gorr                           -30


RB’s Cards

The Old Dam             0

Angel                          -45

Cousin Mordecai       +35

Willem Stark              +10

Balthazar                    0


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4 thoughts on “Gloomy Wednesday: Ella’s Turn

  1. Oooh my gosh I almost missed this again… I knew it was there. I need better time management. Seriously

    Oh ladies you really should put out a children’s book of some sort. This is fantastic as a read. I am want to collect these for my nephew. gives my sister something to read. Cannot wait for next week.

    • Ella: I’m glad you’re having fun with it. 🙂 I could never turn this into a book though, it’s too random. Everything that happens is dependent on what cards we get that week. I need character arcs and plot arcs and antagonists purposefully making my character’s lives hell. Also, hunky love interests that I can download shirtless pictures of to put into my story collages. 😉

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