RB: I plugged the holes!

I found a way to plug the holes in my creativity colander!

My spark, my drive to write, has returned.




There’s one small glitch though. It returned via another story idea.

And I’ve just started editing Lucas’s Story. (The second book to the one that’s already published.) And I had plans to start writing the third book in the series as soon as I was finished with the second…

But I really want to dive into this one.  (Yes, I am whining right now. And I may, or may not, be also stomping my feet.)

As Ella says, it’s the siren song of the shiny-pretty.

As Amparo Ortiz says from Operation Awesome, it’s my Alex Skarsgard. (Oooh, Alex Skarsgard. Let’s pause for a moment, shall we?)



Mmm, lovely.


Has the shiny-pretty ever captivated you before? How did you handle it?

9 thoughts on “RB: I plugged the holes!

    • I have a box full of written on napkins, half pieces of paper, and empty bill envelopes with book ideas. Though, I don’t think I’ve ever felt the pull to start writing a story ASAP as I have right now. Maybe it’s because I’ve felt so cut off from this side of me for a while now that the prospect of having it back is heady.


      • Occasionally I like to think I’m organized. I have a notebook on Onenote devoted to stuff like this. Makes it easy when I want to find something different for a story.

  1. Well, as someone who frequently gets sidetracked, I say go for it! Think of it this way — if you’re getting distracted by a new story, it’s not going to magically go away if you force yourself to work on something else. So get ‘er done! And for all you know, halfway through working on this new story you’ll get hit with an inescapable urge to go back to your main series. Writing is all about passion — might as well embrace it and let it take you where it wills 😀

    • I have wondered if I force myself to write the other book that it won’t turn out so well because my heart won’t be in it. But I figured that was my way of rationalizing doing what I want instead of what I need. But if you say it’s okay, then well… 😉

      Thanks for stopping by.


      • Well, you can definitely trust me. I am, after all, a random person on the internet 😀 I actually feel that way a lot — for example, I’m working on a sequel right now, and sometimes I’ll sit down to write and my heart isn’t in it, and then I get really worried because, you know, should I be writing if I’m not feeling it? Then again, they do say that you should sit down and write every day, even if you’re not in the mood. Hmm …

      • Of course, I can trust you! Everyone knows the internet only speaks truth. 🙂

        I use the philosophy of write every day, otherwise I don’t think I’d ever finish anything. Sometimes when I finish my quota I have a pile of crap that I will delete in the editing phase and other times I’ve typed magic.


  2. Yes! Right now, in fact. I’m finishing revisions on a book and I’m down to the last two chapters. And as I was approaching the homestretch, the plot for the sequel jumped out and ambushed me. The shiny-pretty strikes again.

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