Gloomy Wednesday: Ella’s Turn

The Old Dam went off to bed that night, leaving her nephew Mordecai to sleep it off on the floor of her study. She cackled to herself as she pulled the covers up tight to her chin and drifted off to sleep, imagining her nephew waking in the morning to discover his ruination.

She awoke several hours later to the shrieking of the fire alarm. The Old Dam stumbled from her bed, confused and frightened by the noise. Smoke rolled from beneath the bedroom door and the doorknob was hot when she tried to turn it. She dropped to her knees and crawled across the bedroom to the window. The latch was tight, difficult to open and the window slid slowly, crookedly up on its track. She never opened this window. She never opened any of the windows, the outside air was unhealthy, any fool knew that, but there was a small roof outside her window and if she could climb out she would be safer there.

The Old Dam was rescued from that rooftop by the firefighters who arrived just a few moments later. She was saved, but it was too late for Cousin Mordecai. He was badly burned in the fire and passed away shortly before the dawn of the next day. He never awoke, never knew he had been ruined by his only living relative.

Cousin Mordecai’s funeral was grand affair, presided over by the Bishop himself. Politicians gave long, flattering eulogies, praising his work to improve prison conditions, tactfully avoiding mention of the murder of his wife. Condolences were offered to the Old Dam, now bereft of family, left with only her handyman and her nephew’s dog. She was blessed by the bishop, who prayed that she be granted peace in her time of sorrow, and comfort in her time of loss.


So right now the scores stand like this:

Ella’s Cards

Lord Slogar                            -45

Professor Helena Slogar       0

Melissa Slogar                        0

Grogar                                      -25

Elias E. Gorr                           -30

RB’s Cards

The Old Dam             +20

Angel                            -45

Cousin Mordecai       -10

Willem Stark              +10

Balthazar                    0


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3 thoughts on “Gloomy Wednesday: Ella’s Turn

  1. That is one family almost gone. Wow Ella You sure get the good cards. You sure you not cheating LOL. Haha You must be having one hell of a time together
    It is surely a post I look forward to reading every week.

    keep on Smiling. and turning thumbs for some good cards RB. Her family needs some positive cards, right.

    You can kill the other family members to?

    • Ella: You can. You can kill off any player as long as they have a negative point total. The strategy in killing off another player’s character is that you lock in a low point total for that character. Mordecai has a point total of -10, so when I killed him off I made it impossible for RB lower his total. Since the player with the lowest score wins, that’s good for me.

      The risk here is that the game ends when all of one player’s characters are dead, and points are only counted for dead characters in the final score. Right now RB is beating me. I’m counting on my uncanny good luck to continue to work to my advantage and make the risk I’ve taken into a reward!
      And yes, I don’t think I’ve ever lost a game of Gloom. I’m got some serious Gloom mojo, apparently. Other people have commented on it, too. 🙂

      • Loving it. keep that Mojo going. It is your game so it seems. keep on rocking and smiling. I am enjoying this seriously a lot.

        And you have three in the negative so yeah I can see you are betting on a good death for them all.

        Still rooting for both of you.

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