RB: This sucks

I’m heading into the horrible part of editing where I’ll read a paragraph or a page and think, God, this really sucks.




Thankfully it never lasts.

I’ll read the next page and smugly pat myself on the back for being such a witty and fab-u-lous writer.




. . . but then I’ll continue reading. . .






I saw this T-shirt on Parajunkee.com (a great site, by the way.) I’m so going to get it.





How do you combat negative self talk?

Has this ever happen to you during the writing phase?

16 thoughts on “RB: This sucks

  1. My inner voice is an asshole too. I totally need that shirt in my life! I do the same thing. Read over old material and thing WTF were you thinking when you wrote that sentence? And then others, “You got that one right. Weee!”

  2. Nothing I write is ever good enough for my inner voice, but she (me?) is remarkably willing to give a long-suffering sigh and say, “all right, well, the next thing you write will be better, start that one.” Thank goodness, because if it weren’t for that, I’d probably still be revising my first book!

  3. This post is my daily struggle in a nutshell. Some days I’ll have a stroke of genius,, that coveted “Ah-ha!” moment while on other days it runs a hundred paces ahead of me, turns around, points, and laughs while backpedaling away. I pretty much live by the fake it til you make it rule. Even if what I write is complete crap, it’s easier to edit crap than it is to edit a blank page! 🙂

  4. That is a great tshirt. My trouble ususlly happens just before. So I hem and haw for a half hour or so before I can put my hands on the keys. Good thing it doesn’t happen all the time but there are days where the demons inside won’t stop their work.

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