RB: Ugh, I’m an idiot!

While Ella was editing Lucas Story, I began prewriting the third book in my Trihune Series. I was in the midst of detailing Sarid’s character with my handy, dandy character sheets (see post here) when inspiration hit.

For months, in the back of my mind, questions had prowled regarding a new character’s power. I had no idea what his power would be, just that it had to be strong and undetectable.

Suddenly it hit. I figured it out. A completely awesome idea.

I was feeling quite proud of myself and extremely excited to start writing.

First I had to continue fleshing out Sarid’s character, though. Then I had to work on plot. And Ella would be finished reading Lucas’s Story soon so I’d have to put this book aside and complete the edits for that. Plus it was 6:00 a.m. It was time to close my laptop and get ready for work. So no writing today. But the magic was there. I could feel it spreading to my fingers, desperately wanting to open a new word document. Alas, responsibilities come first, so I pushed my wants aside and focused on my needs.

(Do you see where this is going yet?)

It wasn’t until a few hours later that I remembered I hadn’t written down this wonderful revelation. Oh, well, it was a great idea. No way, I’d forget it.


I’m an ass!

A big, stupid moron!

No matter how hard I try I can’t remember what this character’s power is. (Fool!) Will it come back to me when I start focusing on book three again? God, I hope so. (Imbecile!) But in the meantime, I’m calling myself every synonym for  frickin’ idiot that can be found in Webster’s dictionary.





14 thoughts on “RB: Ugh, I’m an idiot!

  1. I hear you. =[ I can’t count the times I’ve forgotten an awesome idea just because I was too lazy to pick up a notebook. I hope you manage to remember it eventually!

  2. I have the greatest thing ever – a Dictaphone app for my smartphone. Brilliant ideas strike me in the worst times – like the middle of rush hour traffic where I can’t just scribble the ideas down (well I could but somehow my insurance company frowns on that). But I seem to always have my cell phone within arm’s length. So I downloaded the app and I just have to click a button and I can record whatever I want.

  3. I was just about to click Like on this post, because I liked the post itself. (The word nitwit alone is worth a like. It’s just funny.) But then I realized it was kind of cruel to like such a sad story. So, like the post, hate that this happened to you.

    I think it’s happened to just about everyone. And I predict you will wake up remembering at 2AM or thereabouts.

    • Yes, I try to comfort myself with, “If it’s meant to be in the story, I will eventually remember.” My logical side is soothed by this…somewhat. My emotional side is still sitting on the floor, crying her eyes out.


  4. I can so relate. It is for that I write on everything I can write just to make sure I got the idea.
    Napkins, even written on my t-shirt if nothing else was available. Yeah my desk used to be filled with scribbles, I am a mess. But never again will I let a revelation like that slip me by.

    You will get there, when you the trigger is pulled again.
    Fingers crossed 😀

  5. I have notepads spread all around the house (including the toilet) so that every time I remember something, think of something or dream of something, there is something remotely suitable for writing. I often find that relaxing or just before falling asleep, I remember a lot of things that I thought I had forgotten.

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