RB: Seriously?! Outlander? Again?

I’m in the midst of editing Lucas’s Story. Ella handed me her critique about two weeks ago and the scenario didn’t play out quite like I’d thought.

Ella: Lucas Story is wonderful! Your best work yet! Don’t change a thing! Your readers will love it!

Me: *blushing slightly* Really! I never thought, I mean in my dreams, I’d. . .

Yeah. Anyways, this is what really happened.

Me: Wow, there’s a lot of red on this. Oh and you changed to purple toward the end.

Ella: Well, I ran out of ink about half way through.

As you can imagine, my mind is constantly circling on passive phrases, -ing sentences, filter words, and modifiers. I can’t seem to shut it off. So when I need a mental break I turn on an episode of Outlander. . .





. . .until Husband comes home. Before he can shake his head (Yes, I’ve seen all episodes at least three times.), I hand him the remote and redirect my thoughts away from plot issues to these pics. Soon I will be under the Cancun sun with a Tom Collins in my hand and warm, sparkling waters a toe dip away.


Love the views!

Love the view.



Husband asked me to marry him at this chapel.

Husband asked me to marry him at this chapel.



There's nothing better than opening your door and finding new towel animals on our bed.

There’s nothing better than opening our door and finding new towel animals in the room.


What do you do when you need a mental break?


4 thoughts on “RB: Seriously?! Outlander? Again?

    • I never really go into video games. I tried Mario Brothers when it first came out and never got passed the first level, even after about fifty tries.


    • Ha. I absolutely hate grocery shopping and wait until the last possible moment to go. Most of the time I only go so Husband and Bubbles stop complaining about the lack of food in the house. 😉


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