RB: Mini Mental Breaks

I’m on a roll editing Lucas’s Story. (Yeah!!) So much that I have to force myself to take breaks (No!!) so the story doesn’t suffer. (Well, fine then.)

I follow a few blogs that send out weekly photograph writing prompts. Confession: I don’t use these posts as intended. Instead, I save the photos to my computer and when I am forced  need a mental break I scroll through the images and visualize myself there.


Here are a few of my favorites.



Okay, I’m not visualizing myself in front of the bear, but this pic does draw me in. I want to know what he’s thinking. And then I want to know what his thinking bear-grunts mean.




Depending on my mood, my thoughts change on this one every time I look at it. Will I take the bridge to the mall? A donut shop? Or a park to walk around and get lost in.




This one totally reminds me of Little House on the Prairie. Does anyone else want to run down that hill next to Laura and Mary?




My first thought when I saw this picture was the Walking Dead show. Anyone else remember the scenes by the railroad tracks?




My favorite. I love the water. Not necessarily being in it, but standing next to it. Breathing in the watery smells. Hearing the peaceful current or the rushing waves. Staring out into the vast expanse and realizing how truly beautiful the world can be. I’d trade places with this guy in an instant.


So what about you? Do you give your muse short breaks? Do any of the pictures spark your creativity?


All of the photos can be found at the fabulous Unsplash site. Sign up to receive free (do whatever you want) high-resolution stock photos. Ten new quality stock photos every ten days.

8 thoughts on “RB: Mini Mental Breaks

  1. An interesting idea. I use pictures when I’m planning new projects or stories to help me visualize scenery or characters, but I don’t usually use them as prompts. Though I like your strategy of just using them as a mental break. Love that one of the bear.

  2. The one with the train tracks is my favorite. There are lots of places like that in Japan. In rural areas, buildings, infrastructure and sometimes whole towns are abandoned to nature when a replacement is built nearby, so it’s not uncommon to see cable car lines or train rails disappearing into a jungle, with overgrowth taking over the stations they once served.

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