RB: Sometimes I Want To Read A Three Star Book

I’ve read some outstanding books this past week. I’d rate them more than five stars if that was even possible. Also, at least three of them were free at the time of purchase (Bonus!).


Reckless by Skye Jordan was great! I finished it in less than twenty-four hours. Lexi, the heroine, was sweet and relatable. Jax was down right hunky (Yum!) and the perfect man for Lexi.




Peaches Monroe Books 1 – 3, I can’t say enough AWESOME things about this series. Seriously, as soon as you’re done reading this post, click the link and try the first book (Stardust)!! (It was free when this post was written.) I laughed, grew teary-eyed, worried, smiled, loved, hungered, and definitely didn’t want the story to end.




The Honeymoon Trap by Kelly Hunter was sweet and fun. I finished this one quickly. The characters wormed their way into my world and I wasn’t ready for them to leave by the time I flipped to the last page.




The Becoming Alpha series surprised me. I didn’t expect my fervor for these characters to grow so high. I read all three novels in two days. If you enjoy paranormal, I’d recommend reading these!


So, back to the title of this post. My only issue with these fab books is that I completely ignored my responsibilities for a whole week.

I stayed up late – too late – most nights, even though I was fighting a cold. (Yeah, you guessed it, I lost the battle.)

Every day, I enjoyed the easily available cloud reader, which meant I continued to read even when I was cough-atwork-cough.

For a week straight, I accomplished nothing at home and practically nothing at work.

Go me!

Well, not really.

Multiple times during the week, I wished (while secretly not wishing because who doesn’t love to get lost in a story)  for a less than stellar book to read so I could actually get some work done – and some sleep – but alas it didn’t happen.

One time I contemplated just not picking up another book. Tucking my Kindle deep into a drawer for a day. But that’s like asking me to leave the house without any clothes on. Not EVER gonna happen.

What about you? Have you ever wished a book hadn’t so completely consumed your life?

2 thoughts on “RB: Sometimes I Want To Read A Three Star Book

  1. Yes, I have LOL. That is why I refuse to read when I have stuff to do. I know I won’t put a book down. It is always 1 more page. Oh I can stay up for a few more minutes. Sounds great at mignight, but when 5:45 beeps at you to get up I often wish I had put it down LOL.

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