RB: Note to Self: Drafting and Editing Don’t Mix

Just in case you haven’t been around these past few weeks, I’m in deep editing mode with Lucas’s Story right now. Cutting modifiers and garbage words. Searching and then destroying all unnecessary “thats”. Finding the waaay too many filter words and rewriting sentences.

Things were going smoothly until I realized I had to write a few more additional scenes.

Shouldn’t be a problem, right?



I stared at  that blank piece of paper completely clueless. Like I had just pulled my bike from the garage – the one I rode all summer – and suddenly had no idea how to pedal.

I did manage to start writing, but it was terrible. Stilted. Like pulling spaghetti noodles through the holes in a colander.

Next time I will definitely try to write every scene imaginable BEFORE editing. For me, it’s easier to cut scenes then draft them well past the drafting phase.

Has this ever happen to  you? Do you switch from the writing mode to editing mode easily?

3 thoughts on “RB: Note to Self: Drafting and Editing Don’t Mix

  1. It depends on the day, really. Sometimes I can. Other times I realize I need to clean my flat and I’m not the cleaning type so I know I’m avoiding. best of luck!

  2. Don’t know if there’s a switch since I’m currently in both modes on different projects. When I write, I just write and let it flow. The editing usually comes after all is done.

  3. I switch between writing and editing modes easily, but that may be because I’m an editor. My twin, on the other hand, prefers to write the first draft out before even thinking about changing the wording, cutting scenes, etc.

    I do often write a story in fragments, though, and later go back to splice them together; that’s a bit like writing without editing. (Sometimes seeing the whole story at once makes it difficult to tell it in a linear fashion, and if I don’t allow myself to skip around while writing it, I lose what words I’ve got.)

    Writing isn’t a performance art; all that matters to the audience is the finished product, not how you get there. Do whatever works best for you.

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