RB: Paper vs Computer

A week or so ago I had thirty minutes to kill before a work conference. I still had scenes to write for Lucas’s story so I pulled out a notebook and started writing.

I never wished for my computer more.


There's a reason why a skull is in this picture.

There’s a reason why a skull is in this picture.

Back in the day, I used to write all my stories by hand. It was routine to sit at my kitchen table while Bubbles napped and write until she woke. Once it was finished, I’d transfer it to the computer. Today I can’t even imagine writing a whole story by hand.


Never again!

Never again!


As the words flew through my mind – I had finally found Kate and Lucas’s voices, thank God (http://wp.me/p3177g-px) – my hand couldn’t keep up. In my head, I was two paragraphs ahead  – completely stressing I’d forget something. I desperately wanted my hand to catch up with my head.

Or to grow a couple more hands.

What about you? Do you prefer to write long hand?


Yeah, but NOT with that!

Yeah, but NOT with that!

5 thoughts on “RB: Paper vs Computer

  1. I definitely am all-computer, except when I’m taking notes or jotting down ideas I want to remember later. I try to carry around a little notebook everywhere for that. I’m with you—my brain would get so frustrated with the speed of hand-writing after writing on a laptop that I would probably keel over.

  2. I do both. Sometimes I just can’t get into the mood to write while sitting at my computer so I write in a notebook instead. I also do a lot of pre-writing on paper and type it up later.

  3. Have gotten so very used to writing on the computer, especially the laptop with its clicky buttons, that writing on an iPad seems weird- even with the sound effects. Still like to put pencil / pen to paper once in a while for ideas tho.

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