RB: I’m About To Hit Send! Oh, Yeah!

Only one more read through, then Lucas’s Story is off to the publisher. If that means I have to remain sober on New Year’s Eve then dammit, I will because that’s the type of writer I am. (Well, sober at least until 10:30 p.m.)

Every phase of this book – pre-writing, drafting, my many editing stages – I have proclaimed very loudly, “I hate this stage!” Then something wonderful would happen and I’d instantly change my mind. An idea would click plot and character together so perfectly. My character would speak as if he were sitting right next to me. I’d move a chapter up two spots and viola! “That’s some good shit right there.”

But there’s nothing, nothing!, that will change my mind about writing the synopsis, query, or two-line hook. Except the words, “I’m finished.”

In preparation of this horrible event, I’ve scoured the Interwebs and found some links to hopefully make this process easier.

I found this during my pre-writing stage: Query First? The Query as a Plotting Tool by Janice Hardy. My first thought, hells yeah, I can have my query done before I even start writing. But, alas, the query I created during the pre-writing stage is complete and utter crap. About mid-way through my novel, half of what I wrote was no longer valid. My characters  said, “Plot schmot! RB doesnt’ know what she’s doing,” and completely took off in a different direction. Sigh. Oh, well.

Infographs are bound to make things easier, right? Six Paragraph Synopsis Method by Tia Nevitt. *slight pause while I make the sign of the cross* Please work. Please work.

This lovely person created a how-to post for the all three of my nemeses. You are awesome, Dee-Ann Latona LeBlanc! Writing a Synopsis From the Ground Up.

How do you write your hook, query, and synopsis? Have any great tips for me? Please, please leave them in a comments below. New Year’s Eve partying is at stake here, people! 🙂

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