RB: My Holiday Break With Buffy

Nothing clears a room in my house faster than turning on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Me: *sitting on couch, watching a BVS episode*

Bubbles: Don’t you have all the Buffy seasons on DVD?

Me: Yes.

Bubbles: So why are you watching it on demand?

Me: *pause* Good point. *Sets popcorn bowl off to side. Throws off blanket. Heads to DVD bookshelf. Pulls out season 1* I am so going to need more popcorn. And, ooh, I wonder if I have more of those yummy salted caramels left?

Bubbles: Crap. Why did I say that?

My husband jumped on the “I Hate Buffy” bandwagon after the second episode and posted this to all his Facebook friends. Nice, Husband, Nice.





What’s not to love about Buffy? Zander is so funny and cute. Especially when he does his Snoopy dance.



Giles is a cool watcher.  I’d want him to be mine, you know, if I ever get “the call”.




I can air drum and head bang like a badass to Buffy’s opening theme.



It’s a safe bet, if I put on a Buffy DVD in the morning I won’t make it to the grocery store in the afternoon. Or in the shower. Where’s my bodyspray? Just a few squirts and no one will know the difference. And we can order pizza. Every loves pizza.


The series ended, but did you know that Buffy still lives on? (May 20, 2003 was an extremely sad day.) Joss Whedon continues to write Buffy episodes!! (A special you-are-sooo-awesome, thank you to Ella who showed me these.)


Also, did you know watching BVS has educational purposes? As a writer I can learn stuff. So you see, Husband and Bubbles, when I pull out another BVS DVD this weekend it’s because I’m working, not avoiding my responsibilities. 🙂

4 thoughts on “RB: My Holiday Break With Buffy

  1. Say when is your next day of BVS hehe we do have to start over again.. but i am sure you wouldn’t mind.
    Help help with what.. getting all episodes on a single harddrive and click wthout ever getting up again.
    Oooh shite… yeah ome show are worth a rewatch or two.
    haha enjoy yur days of Buffy, slayer. hahahaha

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