RB: #Writers, Are You Wonky About Story?

A month or two ago, I wrote about using StoryWonk to sway Husband and Bubbles into allowing Buffy the Vampire Slayer to dominate the TV for a bit *cough-all-day-cough*. (Find post here.)



Lani and Alastair, owners of StoryWonk, are a writer’s drool-worthy, waking-up-still-wanting-more dream. I always, ALWAYS, learn something about craft when I listen to their podcasts. It’s not all about Buffy, either. They have wonderful commentary about Outlander (TV series and the books). Along with many, MANY, other podcasts dedicated completely to writing.



I’ve learned how to dissect my characters in order to gain more punch in my story. Lani and Alastair taught me that each movement, each subtlety, each nuance of a character is important and should have meaning. I insert my earbuds, press play, and almost immediately my brain neurons start to fire and my knowledge of the craft expands.




The married couple’s hilarious and informational banter gets me excited for writing. I can’t wait to dig apart my own characters’ brain, more than I already do. To delve deep into their marrow, to search for the blood running through their brain. To learn all its particular traits that I can exploit for my readers.




StoryWonk is absolutely brilliant. And if you love Buffy or Outlander, it’s even more brilliant.


I laugh. I learn. Alaistair’s accent (He’s from Scotland.) when he talks Outlander makes it just more delectable to listen to.


If you’re a writer, if you’re a fan of Buffy or Outlander, if you love podcasts, I would definitely recommend checking out StoryWonk.


3 thoughts on “RB: #Writers, Are You Wonky About Story?

  1. I love their podcasts too. I first found them when Outlander debuted on Starz. Being the podcast junkie that I am, I immediately went looking for an Outlander podcast and theirs was the first I found. Since then, I have listened to all of the Story Wonk Sunday and Story Wonk Sessions episodes and am currently listening the The Light Bulb and The Journeyman Writer episodes. I haven’t yet started the Dusted podcast, since I haven’t had time yet to start watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And I still have the Outlander seminar episodes once I read the book. Ah, so much story goodness, so little time. 🙂

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