RB: Favorite Part of Writing

For years, every step of the writing process has brought me joy and pain.


Joy: Hearing characters’ voices for first time. There’s nothing better than hearing voices in my head. 😉

Joy: Unrestricted creativity. I have the freedom to think and write what I want.


If I’m suddenly inspired to give my hero a Shirley Temple tattoo on his ass cheek because he loves animal crackers in his soup… (Image found here.)


…now is not the time to worry about the fact that it won’t fit in with his Conan the Barbarian personality. (Image found here.)

Pain: Anxiousness. Muse’s angst during this phase is out of this world. He just wants to start writing. Now. Now. NOW!

My muse has the patience of a toddler sitting in front of a piece of cake who was told to wait until everyone else was served before you start eating.

My muse has the patience of a toddler sitting in front of a piece of cake who was told to wait until everyone else was served before he could start eating. (Image found here.)


Joy: The story begins to unfold. Muse is finally sprung free. Yeah!

Joy: Hidden plot twists. I love it when characters put themselves in situations we had not discussed in the pre-writing stage. To me, at this point, I’m a writer with a capital W. My magic has finally appeared. Writing is no longer something that I do. It’s what I am.

 Pain: Hidden plot twists. I am now Muse’s bitch. (See post here.)


Joy: Sense of accomplishment. Stepping back to gaze at the final piece. . . there’s nothing like it.

Pain: Having to go back and edit out the hero’s ass tattoo. (That was a cute tattoo, dammit!)

Pain: The arduous, tedious, and oh-my-God-will-this-never-END edits.


I hated it… so… much, It–it..the f–, it–flame…flames…flames on the side of my face, breathing, breath… heaving, breaths… heaving…

Until recently, all parts of writing had its ups and downs.

Then I read a really great, can-I-give-it-more-than-five-stars novel and was super charged. Muse was a’stirring. He wanted me to stop what I was doing, open up my Mac, and start writing. Right. Then.

I freakin’ wanting to, too.


Joy: Thrill of new ideas.

Joy: The top-of-a-roller-coaster, heart pounding feeling that says there is only one way this will stop…fingers on the keyboard.

Joy: Adrenaline rushing through the body. It calls, BEGS, me to bring to life the words and emotions flying around in my head.

Joy: The undenying reality that this fever, which may be forgotten during some stages, will never, ever, completely die.

I will create. I will enthrall. I will write.

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