RB: Schoooool’s Out For Summer!

It’s finally here. I’m officially off work for one whole month.

Thirty-one days of absolutely no work-related (at least the work that pays the bills) responsibility.

In honor of my favoritest month ever (no work + hot weather = SOFREAKINGAWESOME), I decided to take a break from blogging to enjoy more summery things. (And I’m dragging Ella with me.)

During my month off…

There will definitely be some of this.

my pics of every thing 1255

And absolutely some of this!


Maybe even a couple of these.


I’ll more than likely eat so much of this I’ll want to hurl.


Definitely will hang with the fam.


fam-pic2Probably enjoy some more days like this.

Reading by pool II

Might try my hand at this.

IMG_0612And by the end of the month, there will more than likely have been a few cases of this.


But I’ll smile through the pain. (Because no work + hot weather = SOFREAKINGAWESOME)

So until August, our lovely 2unpub-ers…



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