RB: Sometimes I just need to — Kittens!

I’ve begun drafting Book 3 of my Trihune Series. Normally at this point the characters are talking (extremely loud!) in my head. Scenes that may or may not make it into the book pop into my brain at various (all the freakin’ time) moments throughout the day (or right before I fall asleep). The excitement to JUST START WRITING is at extremely high levels.

Not this time.

Maybe it’s because the hero is anti-social.

Maybe it’s because the heroine is hiding from her past and is afraid to call attention to herself.

Maybe it’s because I’m an idiot who decided having two characters who prefer solitude over socialization would make fabulous POV MCs.

Whatever the reason, I’m slightly FREAKIN’ OUT. I needed to start writing this novel like yesterday (because it’s already under contract. Woo-hoo!), and if the characters aren’t talking to me and definitely NOT talking to each other . . . I’m screwed.

So . . . Here’s a lovely kitten video.

And a practically spilling over, better-take-a-sip-before-I-move-it glass of wine.

Fourth Glass

Aww, a cutesy Minion pic.


Another kitten video.

Hmm… Maybe I should check Facebook.

And Twitter.

Don’t want to upset my Pinners.

G+ guys, you’re next.

As you can see, distraction is my main go-to coping mechanism when problems arise. Like when my characters, my MAIN characters, the two people whom my whole plot revolves around, aren’t speaking–

Look! It’s cats. In a box.

6 thoughts on “RB: Sometimes I just need to — Kittens!

  1. Have to tell you this: while I was watching (yeah, I really did watch it) the video of mama cat talking to her kittens – well, it’s really a mama-cat-lays-while-her-kittens- nurse video – up pops an annoying pop-up suggesting one simple trick for cutting down body fat complete with animated belly reduction cartoon. I wondered if it meant nursing kittens?

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