“You’re mine,” Cade rasped. He threw her on the bed and sunk his fangs deep into her neck.

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“Gripping! Gotta read all night book!”

“A different type of vampire tale”


“When is the next one coming out???”

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Emma held onto Cade’s shoulders as he raced down the hall. The walls and paintings were blurred. Her heart pounded. Even now he mumbled under his breath. “Mine, mine, mine.”

He’d never intentionally hurt her. Of course, intentional was the operative word.


His room loomed ahead. Once they crossed the threshold, he slammed the door. Alone. Far from the others.

Cade stopped in the middle of the room and stared at her with his glowing eyes and long fangs looking every bit the animal he claimed to be.

“Mine,” his voice was deep, guttural, possessive.

“Yes,” she said, not because she didn’t want to argue at this moment about his attitude and the fact that this was the twenty-first century not the caveman years, but because on some level she agreed. She was Cade’s. Forever he’d own a part of her heart. And she trusted him. No matter what face he showed, he wouldn’t hurt her.

“You’re mine,” he rasped and threw her on the bed. Emma bounced before his body covered hers.

Then his fangs sunk deep into her neck.


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