Fallen Darkness #Excerpt




Available on ebook starting tomorrow, September 16!

Continue reading for a short excerpt.

Inside the kitchen Lucas reluctantly let go of Kate’s hand and pulled open the fridge.“What are you hungry for?”

Kate snorted, reaching around him to open a drawer. She pulled out two plastic bags. “Do you even know what’s in the fridge, Rich Guy? When’s the last time you were in here? Probably to ask Martha to pour you some coffee?”

He growled low, spinning to trap her between his body and the island. She gasped. It wasn’t in fear. He placed one hand on either side of her, close but not touching.

“What can I do to prove that I’m not some rich, spoiled guy?” He kept his voice low.

Her heart was beating fast, but, again, she wasn’t afraid. Her scent filled the air. Lucas stood in the middle of an orchard. His cock hardened and he tilted his hips back so not to scare her. He couldn’t lift his gaze from her lips, though. He wanted so badly to kiss her. Wanted it more than blood. More than another hit of darkness. Her lips parted on a soft intake of breath. He dragged his gaze upward, and sweet Creator, she was staring at his mouth. Then her gaze slowly rose to meet his.

He froze.

She looked hungry. And not for food.

Her tongue flicked out, wetting her lips. He bit back a groan. Her eyebrows rose. She lifted her gloved hand, touched the outside of his right eye. “Why do they do that?” she asked, voice low.

His eyes had flared its blue light the moment his body responded to her nearness. It was because he wanted her, but that would be the wrong thing to say. “Have you ever been kissed, Kate?”






Available September 16

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