Holiday Shopping Guide for Your Writer

Have a writer in your life? Check out this Christmas wish list.

purple ink writers

Shopping for a writer this holiday?

We’re not that hard to please, really.

I asked several of my writer friends what they most wanted for Christmas and then compiled their suggestions.


You will not go wrong shopping at an office supply/school supply/stationary shop. Among the most requested gifts were Notebooks, Journals, Pens, pencils, and post it notes. If in doubt, pick up a nice journal and a good pen. Score!

  • Pens and Pencils
  • Notebooks and Journals – if you want to really please your writer, go for a Moleskin journal, known as Hemingway’s favorite journals.
  • Sticky Pads in every shape, size, and color
  • Huge clamps to hold manuscripts
  • Brass manuscript tabs
  • An enormous, stylish notice board to spread out notes.


There are a ton of helpful programs for writers and a couple of them are nearly indispensable. Here are some of the most requested programs for writers

  • Scrivener

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