Sometimes I Am Not Worthy

Around the middle of the November my creativity took a nose dive. I pushed through it, though, and continued to write because . . . well because this was my first NaNo and I didn’t want to lose, and also because this book is under contract and I need to finish it by the second week of December.

So for the last two weeks I’ve approached my keyboard with the same attitude as one going to the gynecologist.


Kicking and Screaming

Muse is the scary looking one with the mask and ominous bloody apron.

But my wonderful, LOVELY, I’m so lucky to have him, Muse hasn’t let me down. The words fly from my fingers with barely a pause. The sentences I dread typing in the morning because reading in bed sounds so much better and the words I don’t want to write because I’m just sooo brain tired form with barely a push.


So this is for you my crazy, often unorthodox, can’t-imagine-completing-this-writing-journey-without-you, Muse.

Fourth Glass


. . .Um, please don’t drink it until the draft is done. We still have a couple more weeks left and I need you. Also, maybe we should re-think your wardrobe. People could get the wrong idea.


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