Traditional . . . Or Not

Husband and I saw this tree in the store over the weekend.


And after I finished laughing, I thought, why not? We wouldn’t have to worry about lights that always take twenty minutes to untangle. Or the ornaments that always seem to be missing their little ornament hangers. And lest I forget, the tinsel, which sheds worse than my dog.

Unfortunately, Bubbles immediately protested. She wanted to put up our regular tree. And the lights. And the ornaments. And the tinsel.

So I reluctantly re-shelved the box containing the lovely blow up tree while promising Husband, “next year”.

Next year, we’re moving down south. Next year, our girls graduate high school and will be moving on to their adult life . . . we assume 😉 . Next year, and probably most years after, we’ll be traveling north for the holidays to visit with family. So, next year, we can be a little un-traditional with our holiday decorations.

And since I’m not sure if the above little gem will be available next year, I decided to do a bit of pre-scouting for other ideas and found these posts filled with totally awesome trees. Hehehe. I can’t wait!

Top 10 Rainbow & Multi-Coloured Christmas Trees

40 Ideas For a Non-Traditional Christmas Tree


How do you decorate for the holidays? Are you a traditionalist? Do walk on the wild side during the season?

4 thoughts on “Traditional . . . Or Not

  1. All traditions started as nothing or just an idea.

    The upside tree every heard of that… its been a gimmick a trend a tree hanging from the ceiling. The new wooden once are a trend now this year made from waste wood. You could make the book one yourself. Just scout the yardsales for large books to use.Or the wooden one. Do not like the wood ones

    What is the difference. Traditions last longer.

    Personally I love the real tree the smell it brings inside the house. I do use fakes on times. trees with lights build in… or just take the time to untangle. OOh the joy of Christmas swearwords.

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